David Shreve

Managing Director

David brings a refreshing approach to recruiting. He will always be honest with you about expectations and does not waste your time with “promises” that are unrealistic. He values your time and understands that you are in a competitive business environment that requires your attention.

As someone that is wholly focused on integrity and honesty, David works with clients who have the same characteristics. Successful career enhancement requires transparency about career opportunities, and that is what you will always receive from him.

David is an Account Executive with The Newburgh Group, which has been recruiting Financial Service Executives since the year 2000. The Newburgh Group is known for its success in helping clients find those candidates that aren’t currently seeking new positions but representing career enhancement when they least expect it.

David has 19 years of experience in leadership roles, public speaking, teaching and seminars on improving productivity in the workplace. He understands what it takes to grow sales, produce revenue, and find the right people for the right positions.

David brings a strong work ethic and will prioritize your needs as you look to enhance your career. He understands the industry and will work to find the best cultural fit for all parties involved.

David has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of Southern Indiana.


U.S. based / Commercial Banking / Retail / Mortgage / Operations and Compliance / Credit / Banking Industry / Focusing on Financial Organizations between $500 and $10 billion in assets.