While I was still at the stage of thinking about what to do, an Account Executive at The Newburgh Group found me, and approached me about a position in California that was a perfect fit for my interests and background. The Account Executive was very knowledgeable, helped walk me through the process, and checked in with me throughout.

By finding and contacting me, they made a match that ended up having a huge positive impact on my career and life. They also saved me what could have been a time-consuming and stressful job hunt. Dual-career situations, in which both partners are specialized, are hard to navigate. They helped turn what could have been a "trailing spouse" situation into an amazing opportunity for me. I could not be more excited about my new job.

The Newburgh Group was effective not only due to excellent communications skills, but also due to the Account Executive's background in the biomedical sciences and FDA regulatory processes. But that wasn't all--I think that to excel at a profession like recruiting, you have to be motivated by the satisfaction of making that perfect match between candidate and employer--or in other words, you have to genuinely care about people. I think that's the special ingredient that The Newburgh Group has; They Care.