3 Signs Your Career Is At A Standstill

Don Goodman

Sometimes you may find yourself bored at work – but is it really boredom or has your career come to a standstill? Either way, it is no way to progress in your career. Take action to change the situation!

There are several reasons why you may be feeling bored or stuck in your career. Some of the common reasons include:

1. You’ve reached the top or you haven’t seen a promotion in a long time.

In many careers, there is a particular path that is followed to move up. If you’ve progressed and reached the top, there may be no room to move further. Perhaps you started by facing certain challenges, but after they are overcome, you are finding yourself just doing the same old thing and it doesn’t excite you.

Or if you haven’t seen a promotion or a raise in two years, it’s a clear sign your career has stalled. In these situations or if you are just unhappy, it is time to move on to other opportunities. Employers want to see career progression, so the longer you wait, the more poorly it will reflect on your resume. Consider sticking to the same type of work, but change the setting, perhaps going from a large firm to a smaller one, or a corporate role to one in nonprofit.

2. Someone is in your way.

In some situations, it may be an individual that’s in your way of progress. Think for instance that you’re in the news reporting sector and your aim is to be the news anchor, which you’re next in line for. Well, the reality is that it’s likely not going to happen unless the existing news anchor gives up the role. Under such scenarios, you have to evaluate realistically how long the wait will be and if it’s really worth the wait, or if it makes sense to progress your career elsewhere.

3. This really isn’t for you.

Don’t worry, it happens. The work and career you dreamed about is not at all that you had expected. If you don’t have the heart for the work, no matter how hard you work and try, it’s just not going to feel right and you won’t have satisfaction in what you do. In such a situation, get a clear understanding on what you really want to do and make the switch. Yes, a career change may seem scary and intimidating, but focus on the transferable skills you have to offer to win employers over for a new career.

You are the one in control of your career, so take the time to really understand whether what you are doing is what you want out of life and if it is paving the way to growth and success.