Candidates Currently Available - 2024

We are confident that you realize that locating, sourcing, and recruiting strong talent has been the most difficult task that we have experienced over the last several years. It is truly a candidate driven market.


The Newburgh Group has worked diligently to locate the best talent available.  We want to share some of our success with you in the event you see someone on this list that might be a good fit for your company.


The list below contains individuals, most of whom have good positions currently, but would be open to a move for the right opportunity. These are individuals that primarily reside, or have ties to, the states of Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, and Tennessee.


Around 20% of these individuals would relocate, given the right opportunity.


Please review the list of our current cadre of individuals that might be a fit for you.  If you see a possible fit, or if you just have some questions, do not hesitate to reach out to Brandon Cooper at 812.858.0807 or email him at


Our current CANDIDATES by job function



Accounting Manager

Accounting Analyst


Financial Reporting Manager


Back Office Support

Audit, External

Audit Internal

Audit Manager

Product Development / Marketing



Compliance Fair Lending

Compliance IT

Compliance- Mortgage

BSA Compliance Officer

Compliance director/ Manager


Credit/Commercial Banking

Ag Lender

Analyst Commercial Credit

Business Banker

Business Banking Group Manager

C & I Lender- Jr. & Sr.

Commercial Lender

Commercial Lending Manager

Private Banker- Wealth

Private Banking Manager

Senior Lender

Treasury Management

Wealth Advisor

CRE Lender

Wealth Manger

Wealth Planner



President CEO

Chief Credit Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Operations Officer

Chief Risk Officer



Operations Manager

Digital Product Manager



Retail Area Manager

District Manager


The Newburgh Group is a full-service Executive Search firm with over 24 years in the business focused on helping Banks and Credit Unions find the talent they need to propel the organization forward.