About The Newburgh Group

At The Newburgh Group, we strengthen the core of your business by helping you locate and hire Impact Players, that 20% of the workforce that makes 80% of the impact on your business. Impact Players bring more than skill; they bring energy and passion and their efforts don't end just because the day does.

Our search consultants have rich, real-life expertise in the industries they serve, including the specialty areas of Banking and Finance, Clinical Research, R&D, and Medical Imaging Sales and Service. The Newburgh Group is affiliated with MRINetwork™, a recruitment and placement organization with several hundred locations worldwide which gives you access to a greater pool of potential candidates. Our consultative approach brings together the right combination of resources, expertise, and methodology to match your specific needs.

Latest Job Opportunities

Banking & Finance

Location: Northern Kentucky
Location: Columbus, IN

Medical Imaging Sales & Service

Location: Southern, CA
Location: Sioux Falls, SD
Location: Boston, MA


Candidate Testimonial


While I was still at the stage of thinking about what to do, an Account Executive at The Newburgh Group found me, and approached me about a position in California that was a perfect fit for my interests and background. The Account Executive was very knowledgeable, helped walk me through the process, and checked in with me throughout.

By finding and contacting me, they made a match that ended up having a huge positive impact on my career and life. They also...

Client Testimonial

Senior Vice President, Community Banking, KY / US Bank

I have worked with The Newburgh Group for a number of years, and they have been instrumental in successfully assisting us in numerous employee searches. They dedicate the time necessary to understanding the background and skill set you are looking for in a candidate. I find that they bring a level of energy, commitment, and perseverance that is critical in sourcing good candidates in today's competitive environment. I highly recommend the team at The Newburgh Group...