Why Partner With Us

Today's business environment is complex, competitive and ever changing. Businesses that consistently hire the best people will not only survive, but will thrive in uncertain times. Review the following as you consider engaging a Search Consultant:


Think about the amount of time it takes for your managers to identify, screen, interview, negotiate and hire the best potential candidate. At The Newburgh Group, our Search Consultants are experts with a proven process, resources and a team to support them. Our job is to search, source and secure top talent. We screen, qualify and present only those candidates who meet your requirements, saving you and your company substantial time and energy.

Passive Candidates

Top performers are typically happy in their current positions. They are not spending time seeking career opportunities or posting resumes to job boards – they are dedicating their time to their performance. A Search Consultant’s skill should be based upon sourcing the right candidate, not the most available candidate! There are no shortcuts. The only way to consistently hire the most talented people is to find and approach each of them. An effective Search Consultant will do this by developing relationships deep within a network that is built over time.


Many times a hiring manager is left to guess what is motivating a candidate. A candidate is much more likely to tell a Search Consultant why they would consider making a career move. Our Search Professionals act as a third party negotiator, concentrating on bringing the two parties to a mutually beneficial relationship. Even more, their reputation is reliant upon their ability to clear objections and hurdles, ask tough questions and mitigate risks to ensure both parties are making the right decision. The best candidates can be sourced by the combined efforts of a Search Consultant and a decisive hiring manager.

Industry Awareness

Our Search Consultants network each and every day with the top performers in their respective industries. We know your competitors and we know who is performing well. We also know what it will take to successfully pull them away from your competition.

Cast A Wider Net

Companies that tend to advertise only locally attract candidates that are looking to leave their employer or are currently out of work. Advertising is not inexpensive and to advertise in multiple locations could be more costly than paying a search firm. A Search Consultant will search as far as necessary to find the best possible candidate.

Key questions to ask yourself before engaging a search consultant or firm.

  • Are you an expert at finding, attracting and hiring top talent?
  • What does it cost your organization in terms of productivity, reputation, morale, etc. to have key positions vacant?
  • How much of your time will your business save by using a search firm?
  • What does it truly cost for you to perform this function?
  • What is at risk by giving us the opportunity to prove our value?

Ready to Get Started?

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