How to best work with recruiters

Abridged: Globe St. News

DALLAS, TX - You've finally decided it's time to start thinking about your next career move. So, you started putting together your strategy and are wondering how to best work with recruiters. Recruiters are indeed a valuable part of one's job search and overall career management.

Big picture, recruiters should play only a limited, but important, role in your job search and in your overall career planning. But, as part of that strategy, definitely reach out to recruiters, particularly to those who you know are leaders in your industry or niche. Be aware that it's hard for recruiters to keep up with the number of requests they receive from job seekers. So, if you do not fit a current search, either the recruiter will be non-responsive or will send you a note that they're putting you into their database for future searches and to check back periodically. Do not take that as a form of rejection; it's just reality. 

Make sure that you have a strong LinkedIn profile and a deep network in your industry to help recruiters in finding you through that vehicle. Every professional should build a long-term relationship with one or two recruiters and maintain them as a two-way relationship. Recruiter helps candidate when needed, candidate helps recruiter when recruiter needs help. Your career is a long-term game and your relationship with recruiters is part of managing your career.