New rules for landing a job in today's market

Abridged: Work Coach Cafe

MARLBOROUGH, MA - You need a LinkedIn profile! It would be unwise to conduct a job search today without one. LinkedIn has become one of the most popular resources to find talent. Think like a marketer and build an online presence through a website, blog, or social media. Promote yourself by sharing content and visuals to generate interest and attract opportunities. 

First impressions are lasting impressions. Smile, act and look contemporary and dress for the role you are pursuing or one step up. Make your resume a proposal. This requires you to customize your resume for each company in order to uniquely spell out how you will add value to their company. Rehearse your interview answers out loud. You only have one shot to nail the interview. Your answer should last around 60 seconds. Rambling or spelling out every detail will not win the interviewer over.

Know how and when to negotiate. Almost every job offer has some elements that are negotiable. Be sure you know what's important to you. Don't negotiate anything until an offer has been extended. The competition is tough -- be tougher! Companies want the "perfect" set of skills and people who want those jobs are acquiring the skills. You'll also see job seekers trying new tactics to catch the attention of employers. The bar has been raised and the job search play book has to be updated too.