Brandon Cooper

President and Partner

What makes Brandon unique from other recruiters?

As a candidate, Brandon will never attempt to convince you to take a position that doesn’t line up with your values nor will he waste your time with opportunities that don’t match up to your career aspirations.

As a client, Brandon will ask questions until he completely understands your search criteria. If your job description/requirements are not going to attract top talent, he will let you know. Additionally, he will provide guidance on when to expect results and how to manage the entire recruiting process.

Mr. Cooper prides himself on working with candidates of high character and ethical standards. He works with individuals who are interested in upward mobility with a stable organization. Superior performers typically do not publicize their motivations or interests in locating new opportunities so developing relationships and finding these performers is his primary focus.

His clients seek candidates with abilities that will produce immediate results and whose values compliment the company’s culture and values . Brandon’s clients appreciate his honesty and forthright approach.

Brandon has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of Southern Indiana. Banking runs deep in his roots, and many in his immediate family work in the industry. He has been recruiting for over 15 years, practicing exclusively in the banking industry. His focus and experience allow him to know the industry and know it well.

His philosophy is centered on building relationships with his clients and candidates as he wants to understand their needs, while offering quick and pragmatic solutions as efficiently as possible.


U.S. based / Executive and Senior level / Commercial, Retail, Credit / Community and Regional Banking Institutions / Focusing on organizations up to $10 billion in assets